April 01, 2015

Marketer's Morning Brew April 1, 2015 -- No Fooling -- Am Grammar Be Killing Your Results?

April 1st, 2015 -- No Joke

Today's headlines for Marketers.

  • Scott Brinker warns
  • Aetna on martech
  • Who put the Ugly in Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Is Poor Grammar Killing Your Content Marketing? Study Says 69% Of Brands Fail to Make The Grade 

The Ugly Side of Content Marketing [Update]

Content marketing lessons from Unilever

Video Marketing

Five Mistakes Businesses Make with Attempting Viral Videos

THE FIX: Spotlight on Video Strategy

Google Adds App Install Ads To Display Network, Video Install Ads, New Bidding Strategy

Martech and Marketing Automation

Email Summit Info: Email Marketing Expertise Shows Growing Divide

As Martech Blossoms, Don’t Forget What It’s For, Scott Brinker Warns

At MarTech Conference, Aetna’s MTO Says Marketing Technology Can’t Exist In A Silo

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